Work Examples

Whether you need assistance with manual calculations or complex sophisticated analysis, technology assessment or brainstorming for generation of new ideas, our team is experienced and versatile and can help address your challenges. 

Several examples of what LMentary Engineering can do for you are shown below. We strive to continuously improve our capabilities. Please contact us to inquire about specific needs.

Process Modeling and Design of Catalytic Reactor for Production of Propylene Glycol
Performed analysis of design options and optimization of operating parameters in the industrial catalytic reactor for isolation of propylene glycol by hydrolysis of propylene oxide

Calciner Reactor Analysis
Performed analysis of combustion kinetics and optimization of operating parameters in the industrial calciner furnace.

Mixing Reactor for Food Industry
Performed analysis of the vessel with vertical mixer. Evaluated mixing efficiency and product yield as function of vessel and impeller geometries, resulting in improvement recommendations and design changes.

Reactor Durability Study
Analysis of the wall of the reactor allowed to predict expected service life and durability as function of different operating parameters.

Model of the Additive Manufacturing Process
Calculation of residual stresses, displacements and deformations after finish of layers formation and full cooling of a sample created by additive manufacturing process.

Turbine Blade Analysis
Created finite element model and calculated turbine blade’s residual stress, deformation and displacement after reconstructive repair of the deterioration zone.