Michael Leshchiner is the Founder and Principal of LMentary Engineering. Driven by passion for clean technology and renewable energy, he spent over two decades in that area. He worked for a solar bio-fuels startup, an energy storage company, and at several fuel cell startups, where he was a co-founder of one of them. LMentary engineering is his third undertaking as a founder/co-founder.

Michael has strong technical knowledge of mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and reaction engineering. He is an expert in design of heat exchangers, burners, and chemical and bio-reactors. He was involved in design and analysis of systems with a variety of prime mover options and advanced power cycles including fuel cells, batteries, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and compressors, and combined heat and power systems.

Michael has extensive management experience. He was responsible for the assessment of novel and competing technologies and strategic planning, and has a proven track record in technology and product development.

Michael holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Ukraine Institute of Maritime Technology and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In his free time Michael likes to spend time with his wife and two children. He always finds himself involved in never-disappearing home projects. You will frequently find him on the tennis court (he was a top 3 under-16 tennis player in Ukraine), on a downhill ski mountain, or doing martial arts (combat sambo)

You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn or via Email

In addition to Michael’s background and professional skills, LMentary Engineering brings access to a wide network of highly qualified professionals, which consists mainly of current and former university professors, postdocs, and industry experts. We have a small core team in the Boston area, but the majority of our experts are located in Europe, which makes us highly cost effective, even for otherwise exotic and expensive services.

We provide services in most areas of chemical and mechanical engineering and can complement any firm’s internal capabilities with our mostly PhD level staff. We can assist with basic engineering tasks, like mechanical design and drafting, all the way to complex engineering analysis, including CFD and FEA. We also have some manufacturing and prototyping capabilities. You can think of us as an on-demand engineering resource with nearly unlimited capabilities.